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    Welcome to DIANNAH BOLONG

    Nestled in the heart of the Casamance in Southern Senegal, just south of Gambia, lies Diannah Bolong- a Norwegian-operated holiday guest house. Amidst the tranquil African countryside, an extraordinary experience awaits you, where the serenity of rural life harmoniously merges with grand adventures. You will find yourself merely a brief ten-minute drive away from some of the planet, finest, unspoiled beaches. Prepare to be captivated by breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that grace the horizon, crafting memories that linger in your heart. Embark on a journey that promises unforgettable memories and moments that will enrich your spirit and wisdom.


    Casamance, adorned with its deep forests, sweeping savannas, and enchanting mangrove swamps, emerges as a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts. Venture into its pristine territory and discover a realm that beacons to ornithologists and nature enthusiasts alike. In the southernmost reaches, vestiges of a rainforest endure, a sanctuary teeming with an array of seabirds, the graceful presence of dolphins, and the rarity of turtles that grace the shores.

    Envision yourself gliding upon the serene waters within a sender pirogue, navigating the captivating labyrinths of the mangrove swamps lining the banks of Casamance River, a possibility of drifting to Guinea Bissau on this waterway.

    The option of renting a motorboat or canoe provides an opportunity to explore the
    Cadmance River. Forge a close connection with its essence, and embrace its rhythms and hidden corners firsthand.

    A Different Vacation
    Make a Difference

    Travel to Diannah Bolong to be the change you want to see in the world. Experience a different vacation that brings a deeper meaning to your life.

    All our vacations leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. We also leave Diannah Bolong better than we found it for every trip we make.

    Do you want to make a difference to someones life?


    Captured sunsets and cherished laughter by the serene shores of Diannah Bolong where moments turn into memories.


    Embrace the rhythm of nature’s lullaby at Diannah Bolong, where tranquil surroundings gently guide you into a peaceful slumber. Discover the symphony of peaceful nights at Dinannah Bolong, where nature’s tranquility fosters rejuvenating sleep.


    Infuse your spirit with rhythm and movement at Diannah Bolong – where dance and drumming awaken your energy.

    Like no Other Place on Earth – Unique Experiences

    Diannah Bolong offers unique experiences like no other place on earth. How would you like watching a real witch doctor in practice? How about withdrawing money from a portable bike bank? Or pristine beaches without tourists with beautiful sunrises and sunsets?

    In Diannah Bolong you can travel by donkey, come closer to nature than you have ever been, and move your energy with African drumming and dancing.

    We will plan everything for you. You’ll get picked up at the airport and guided all the way to your destination. You will travel all-inclusive. That means all the food, outings, transport and classes are covered.

    Many of our employees are first aid certified through the Red Cross, and we always have a car available if anything should happen.

    When your vacation pulse is low enough, you might want to explore the surroundings – get to know the music, the dances, maybe go fishing, paddle along the rivers or visit a local community where people live much the same way they have done for hundreds of years.
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    Drum Lessons
    Drum Lessons
    Visit the King
    Visit the King
    The recycling factory Kerewane Plastic is located in Diannah village in Kafountine municipality. We produce paving bricks from plastic waste, and we develop other products as well. We are proud to tell that part of our production is based on solar energy.
    The factory is developed by the help of Engineers Without Borders, Norway.
    All profits go back into the project.
    Kerewane Plastic is part of the project Waste at work (W@W), that is fighting the plastic waste pollution in Casamance in close collaboration with the communities. Local partners: resort Diannah Bolong, Protected Marine Areas (AMP) and Kalissaye Ornithological Reserve (ROK).
    The project will establish a sustainable system for handling large amounts of plastic waste in an area with limited infrastructure and electricity. We prevent plastic pollution and damage to the nature, wildlife and livestock now and in the future. The project organize clean-ups on beaches and rivers in vulnerable nature and have fixed collection stations in villages. Collected plastic is used as raw material in our factory where we make useful products for sale to the community. We choose to produce products which can replace scarce and expensive resources like wood or concrete.
    how we get you here

    Embrace the allure of untouched landscapes and unforgettable experiences. Reach out to the Diannah Bolong team today and embark on your extraordinary Senegalese journey.


    We provide seamless travel: Let our Diannah Bolong team craft your effortless escape to an enchanting world of African wonders.

    The closest airport to Diannah Bolong is at Banjul in Gambia – where our driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to Diannah Bolong. When you come to see us at Diannah Bolong you don’t have to worry about a thing after landing in Banjul. Our driver will meet you, and you stay overnight at our usual hotel if your arrival is so late that we don’t reach the border before it closes at 7 PM. The next day we drive you to Senegal and Diannah Bolong, a journey which takes an hour and a half to two hours. We also assist you at getting the visa into Senegal from Gambia.


    Experience the captivating charm of Diannah Bolong: Your haven of tranquility and adventure awaits on the shores of Casamance. Embark on an unforgettable journey with us – your dream holiday is just a visit away!

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    WHAT Our Guests say

    about us

    “What an adventure! Colourful, rythmical, peace, and culture. Lovely people, delicious food and an experience for life.”

    Ann Kristin

    “A fantastic place to find peace, and to find yourself. Incredibly nice people, good food, and exiting culture!”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is a very safe area far from the city life and with few neighbours. Senegal is also a very peaceful country.

    Our employees are also “on guard” to ensure safety and will guide anyone who wishes to and from the beach or surrounding area.

    All rooms come with their own key and our staff are trained in spotting strangers.

    This is something you should ask your doctor. We know that the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory on entry from certain countries.

    The risk of malaria is very small. There are not a lot of mosquitoes the period of November through April. The last 10 years have seen a large reduction in cases of the disease.

    All rooms have mosquito nets in front of the windows and over the bed. You will also have the option of using artemisia or drinking our preventative tea.

    Many people choose to use some kind of malaria prophylaxis to be completely sure.

    If you are travelling in the months of June through September we always recommend using malaria prophylaxis and mosquito nets.

    Yes you can! We can pick you up at the airport and get you to Diannah Bolong safely.

    But – there is no such thing as travelling alone in Africa!

    Our employees have first aid certifications from the Red Cross to handle any emergency cases.

    We also have a car available that can get you to a doctor in Kafountine about 30 minutes away. The nearest hospital is about 3 hours away.

    You also have the option of treating milder nuisances like headaches and stomach cramps by using nature as your medicine.

    We have our own experts in traditional plant medicine and can help you find the right plants and herbs.

    This type of treatment of smaller issues is completely up to you.

    Some rooms have their own bathrooms with clean water in the toilet, sink and shower. We very rarely have any need for warm water.

    If you like a warm cleanse we usually place a basin out in the sun to soak up the heat.

    If we have many guests on site we also offer a few rooms without bathrooms with shared facilities, just like a normal camping site.

    If you want to go all the way we always recommend our African Shower underneath the palm leaves under the night sky.

    Yes, we have!

    The locals drink the water as is. The guests brush their teeth in it, and many forget and drink a little sip without issue.

    There are, however, a different bacterial flora in Senegal than most people are used to. To avoid issues we always use filters or bottled water.

    If you go out dining, we recommend you ask if the ice cubes are made with local water.

    This is because not all of the local areas have the same level of clean water as we do.

    Yes, you will even become one of them!

    During your time in Diannah Bolong you will get to be a part of our big family. Your drumming teacher is local, your dancing teacher is local and all our cooks are local too.

    Our guides are local and speak fluent English. They always want to share their knowledge about the history and community your get to be a part of.

    There are very few tourists here, so you probably want to hide if you don’t want to get to know everyone.

    Just coming here is a great help. By doing so you are essentially creating and maintaining local jobs.

    You are choosing a local actor that focuses on sustainable operations. Every single dime of our economical surplus goes back into the society through teaching youth about the environment and conservation of nature.

    We do our own “plastic projects”, voluntary work and furthering the education of your local girls. Just staying here makes a ton of difference for us.

    If you wish to visit the local school, you may do so. You can go to Kafountine and buy some school supplies or a football if you’d like. This is something that the school appreciates, and the headmaster ensures a fair distribution.

    You can also bring things from home that you no longer need. Glasses and shoes are valued here. We either give your gifts to the local employees, or we give them to the Village Chief to distribute fairly to those most in need.

    If you own health supplies, first aid supplies, lights with solar panels or different school supplies we are of course happy to receive these things too.

    One last thing you can do to help is taking your brought “heavy plastic” back home. There are not a lot of recycling options here, so every single bit helps.

    Please land at Banjul in the neighbouring country of Gambia.

    It’s only a 2 – 3 hour drive from Diannah Bolong. If you choose to fly to Dakar it will take you at least 8 – 14 hours by bus.

    If you are on a journey through the country, you can also land in Zuguinchor in Senegal. This is about 3 hours from Diannah Bolong.

    We can pick you up in Banjul and Zuguinchor.


    BP 1286 ZIGUINCHOR Senegal


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    Norway Phone: +47 462 41 744

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